Friday, June 30, 2017

Corbyn at the Miners' Gala

Great piece in The Tablet this week on 'The Corbyn effect' by Jonathan Tulloch.

He descibes how he attended last summer's Durham Miners' Gala and experienced first hand Jeremy Corbyn.

"As the crowds were too large for us to get anywhere near him, we went behind the speakers' podium. Others had the same idea. When a woman started scaling the scaffolding, others copied. Soon we were climbing our way through hoarding to find ourselves yards from the Labour leader. I remember thinking: What other leading politician would let the unauthorised get so close? Who else would take such a ristk."

Corbyn is due to speak next Saturday, July 8 again at the Durham Miners' Gala. It is expected to be the largest crowd seen there since the heyday of the pits.

Will he be back in 2018 as Prime Minister Corbyn?

Yes, pray God.

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