Friday, November 4, 2016

Radio Maria

The Vatican has condemned the Radio Maria castigation.


Michael said...

From BBC news:
The Vatican has condemned a right-wing Catholic radio station after a broadcast said the recent earthquakes in Italy were "God's punishment" for gay civil unions.
The remarks, made on the station Radio Maria, were "offensive and scandalous", the Vatican said. A Dominican friar said the quakes, including one in August that killed nearly 300, were caused by sins of man. He said these included the approval of same-sex civil unions last May. But the Vatican rejected the remarks as pagan, and said they had nothing to do with Catholic theology.
"They are offensive statements for believers and scandalous for those who do not believe", said Monsignor Angelo Becciu, deputy secretary of state, who is close to Pope Francis.
Monsignor Becciu said Radio Maria, which has come under criticism in the past for comments seen as anti-Semitic, had to "moderate the tone of its language" and conform to the Church's message of mercy. But the friar at the centre of the scandal stood by his description of the quakes as divine intervention. "Just read the catechism," Father John Cavalcoli said, referring to Roman Catholic religious instruction.
Radio Maria has published a statement (in Italian) on its website, saying the offensive comments did not reflect the views of the station.

windmill said...

Clearly the commentator payed no attention to what was actually happening.
Pope Francis choose to give legitimacy to the followers of the Augustinian heretic Martin Luther; an Augustinian, and on the morning of that auspicious happening, the sacred Augustinian site was almost entirely demolished by the Hand of God. All that was left standing was the front wall.

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