Saturday, November 26, 2016

Garda vetting

The Garda Vetting Application Form can now be completed electronically. It would help if it said on the form that it must be completed within 60 minutes.

Last evening I began filling out the form. While completing it someone called to see me. Two hours later I went back to continue the procedure, giving details of all 15 addresses, pressed the send button to be told that the form must be completed within 60 minutes.

It is my third Garda vetting form to complete.

The perfect example of closing the stable door long after the horse has bolted.

In the mid-1980s I brought up issues of sexual matters with a management class within the Catholic Church. At the time I was laughed at and my observations were considered 'nonsenseical'. Was told by a priest, who lectured in Maynooth at the time, that nothing untoward was happening at the national seminary.

And now the hoops the management classes have set up. It is laughable.

Why can't one Garda vetting be sufficient, which would cover for a number of years? The present system is laughable as lauaghable as the management class.

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Brian said...

You will understand the level of satisfaction we all get from knowing the additional pleasure we managed to provide you with in the completion of that form. You were clearly enjoying the struggle so knowing we managed to double the enjoyment makes the visit all the more worthwhile.

Regards to Tess.

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