Thursday, June 29, 2017

Young Tory supporter makes snide comment to Snow

PC Wayne Marques of the London Transport police was interviewed on a number of UK television stations yesterday about the London Bridge attack.

He had just gone on duty when the attackers drew their knives. He explained his immediate reaction and how he responded.

It was stunning television and PC Marques came across as a brave and humble man.

Among those who interviewed him was Jon Snow on the Channel 4 7pm news. 

Earlier on the news programme Matt Kilcoyne from the Adam Smith Institute was discussing the gap in British society between rich and poor, indeed, the ever-growing divide. He was in favour of the Conservative austerity policy. He was talking about social inequality with two other people.

At one stage  Mr Kilcoyne made a snide and nasty comment to Jon Snow remarking:"Not everyone hates the Tories as much as you do".

It was such a cheap shot and the behaviour of Mr Kilcoyne compared to that of PC Marques in the later interview in many ways was an allegory of our time.

Later in the evening the topic trended on Twitter.

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