Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Revealing words on an artist who was also a Dominican

The May/June issue of 'Spirituality' carries an article on sculptor Henry Patrick Flanagan.

Fr Flanagan taught art, music and English at Newbridge College, where he spent all his priestly life.

Jordan O'Brien, who lived with fellow Dominican Henry Flanagan at Newbridge College, brings the works of Henry to life and tells an interesting story of an energetic sculptor, who was influenced by Fra Angelico, Rubens, Moore and others. His Christian faith was also a source of inspiration for him as was the Dominican tradition.

Fr Henry created over 400 works of art and craft, which included the headstone on my parents' grave.

In the same issue of 'Spirituality' there is a most interesting article, titled, 'The DIsclosure of Jesus's Presence in the Eucharist'.

Michael Marchal, a retired literature teacher, writes that the liturgical conflicts of the last three decades have not been just about how to arrange the furniture. He argues that they are at base a disagreement about how Jesus is really present to his people.

Two pieces that make for great reading.

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