Friday, June 23, 2017

Jeremy and Theresa

Jeremy Corbyn gave a stellar performance in parliament yesterday as he did the day before as he does on the  streets and foothpaths wherever the cameras catch him.

Since the election people are listening to him.

Is it that his performance has improved or is it that because of what happened at the polls he is now being taken seriously?

And it's most unlikely that even 'The Sun' newspaper will dismiss him as they did before the election.

Might it be that Corbyn has been injected with a new vigour because of his success? The old cliche, success breeds success.

"The Sun" wanted to throw Corbyn in the bin, they had him thrown in the bin.

The number of people we throw in bins and then leave them rot there.

One of the greatest and worst of sins and seldom if ever a word about it.

And probably the complement to the Corbyn story is how a woman who was some short time ago walking on water is now fumbling and stumbling,

The nonsensical power we give to the management class and how we dismiss so many. 

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