Friday, June 16, 2017

Grenfell Tower

Judith Blakeman a Labour councillor on the Kensington and Chelsea Borough described on Channel 4 News last evening how people in authority had attempted over a long period of time to silence her on account of her objecting to poor standards at Grenfell Tower.

She said she was considered a trouble-maker because she has been for years complaining and objecting to bad practice. As a result there were those who did not take her seriously and simply dismissed her and her views.

In the same news programme singer Lilly Allen gave a damning account of how the Conservatives are doing everything possible to divide the rich from the poor in the borough. She cited how the Tories are dertermined to close down the Notting Hill summer festival.

Allen went on to say that the media are intentionally minimising the casualties and said that the numbers dead are well over 100, including many babies and children.

Watching Judith Blakeman and LIlly Allen condemn the Tories it was impossible not to think of the soundbites and slick words of the likes of David Davis, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson et al in the days before the general election.

Director and cinematographer Ishmahil Blagrove explained to Jon Snow how the word 'regeneration' is used as a codeword for ethnic cleansing.

"People have put profit over people. A culture of greed has to change," he said.

To quote Jon Snow: "The anger is palpable." That's always what happens when authority does not listen to people, even the 'trouble-makers'.

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