Monday, June 26, 2017

Corbyn at Glastonbury

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was greeted with rapturous applause when he addressed festival goers at Glastonbury on Saturday.

“Is it right so many people are frightened of where they live at the moment having seen the horrors of Grenfell Tower? Is it right that so many people live in such poverty in a society which has such riches?" The Labour leader asked.

Suddenly there is a new enthusiasm in British politics. The Michael Goves, the Boris Johnsons and David Davises look yesterday's men.

They seem to have lost their voice.

But on Friday evening on BBC Two's Newsnight  Andrea Leadsom, leader of the House of Commons, called on broadcasters to be “a bit patriotic” in their Brexit coverage.

Emily Maitlis asked Leadsom if she was accusing her of being unpatriotic.

She sounded and looked pathetic and clearly a woman on the run.

Could a similar enthusiasm happen in the churches, in the Catholic Church in the Irish Catholic Church? In religious orders and congregations?

Doubtful. Have we a Corbyn figure? Even more doubtful.

Imagine if the Irish Dominicans threw up a Corbyn-like person? Alas, that is now impossible.

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