Sunday, June 18, 2017

Blue skies all the way

Yesterday was of course the warmest day of the year.

And in such weather is there anywhere more fabulous than Ireland?

The walk from Crone Wood heading south towards Maulin with a view right out to sea was simply mesmeric.

We could see the retired power station stacks at Ringsend, boats going in and out of Dublin Port and then all those tiny white sails. At least they looked tiny from the side of Maulin.

Doubtful if it would be possible for it ever to be any clearer than it was yesterday.

Away from the cover of the forest it was warm and so it felt wearing boots and walking for three hours, covering close to 10 kilometres. Walking in undergrowth is never easy but in the heat of yesterday it was tough going.

The picture shows Shadow beside his master taking on water supplies before heading for the climb.
Alas, days in the hills are no longer an option for Tess. So says the vet and that's how it is.

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