Friday, December 23, 2016

Anis Amri killed in Milan

News that the alleged Berlin Christmas market killer has been shot dead in Italy.

At 10.00 the Italian Interior Minister held a press conference where he detailed the shooting dead of Anis Amri in Milan by Italian police at 03.00 at a railway station.

He stressed how proud the Italian security services should be for their professional work and he also mentioned the close cooperation there is between the German and Italian security services.

The two policemen involved in the incident were on patrol on the street. The man who fired the fatal shot was a new recruit. One policeman was shot but he is comfortable in hospital.

At a press conference in Berlin subsequent to the announcement in Milan German authorities spoke of the close cooperation between police forces in all 28 EU countries. And in a significant number of EU countries German police are based at their embassies.

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