Sunday, December 18, 2016

A cardinal who sounds and acts just like Donald Trump

Cardinal Raymond Burke was interviewed by Raymond Arroyo on EWTN last week.

Raymond Burke surely must be the closest the Catholic Church has to Donald Trump.

The two of them seem to say the same sort of 'stuff': one political absurdities, the other religious absurditites.


Anonymous said...

Does that make EWTN the equivalent of Fox News?

windmill said...

Hi, interesting analogy.
And you may be on to something at this time. But I do disagree. Trump for sure is unlike anything the 'Whitehouse' has had in charge before but the Cardinal has been an insider and mainstream for quite a long time.
For sure his demotion to Malta was noticeable and his adherence to the SSPX is indicative of his being not a team player. But he does still keep to his remit where Trump is clearly making it up as he goes.

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