Thursday, July 14, 2016

Young Russians and priests

Meeting people can make for great moments.

Yesterday evening out walking the dog I met a group of young girls listening to music and singing. They were here in Ireland learning English. They were Russians from all over the Federation, Moscow, Volgograd, Novgorod. And one of them knew who Marshal General Georgii Zhukov was.

That same day I met a priest, who has decided to move outside the 'cage' and 'fly free'. A man of great bravery and imagination too.

Earlier in the week an elderly priest, who has spent over 50 years working in Africa, had regrets about bringing out western rules and regulations, even a list of new sins to the people of Kenya and Uganda. A wise man.

So much nonsense surrounds priesthood and the waste of resources and money that can at times happen in the name of religion, obedience, all sorts of empty rules and regulations, is surely a scandal.

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