Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Radicalising young men

That elderly French priest celebratng Mass in a small French village, the religious sister who is seriously injured. No words to express the madness of it.

A young man 'radicalised'.

What's happening?

How easy is it to 'radicalise' people? Easier now than in the past?

Are there some echos or hints of 'radicalising' young men who join priesthood and religious life?

Listening to US right-wing radio stations 'Patriot Radio' and 'Fox News' one can hear the violence and nastiness. It's 24 hour hate radio with presenters seeming to incite their listeners to violence.

In today's 'The Irish Catholic' David Quinn refers to the 'ruling elite' when writing on the upcoming US elections and  sees both Trump and Clinton as 'bad and worse'.

Intemperate language?

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Andreas said...

Here is the latest video from Hillary which is making its rounds in the internet:

There is also a new documentary about the Clintons out called 'Clinton Cash'

Unfortunatelly, i don't have anything about Trump, i guess he is too new on the public stage.

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