Friday, July 22, 2016

Munich tonight

Nine people have been shot dead in a shooting rampage in Munich. The city is in lockdown. All public transport is closed down and the surrounding motorways have been closed.

The interior minister en route to the US is returning to Germany.

The speed of the police reaction is said to have saved many lives.

Latest information is now suggesting that the three perpetrators are right wing extremists. One may have been shot dead. 

The three suspected attackers are on the run.

Police from other German states are on the way to Munich as are Austrian police.



Andreas said...

The sources where you got that information from don't seem to be very reliable ;-)
From three 'right wing extremists' to a single mentally troubled young man - it couldn't be much further off!

Are you not getting sometimes suspicious when you see such big distinctions?

Michael Commane said...

Thank you for your comment.
I think I can explain. I was watching ARD. It was all confusion and they were showing, or at least attempting to tell the story as it was happening. It was a fluid situation.
At one stage a number of witnesses said they had seen three people with guns. It was chaos.
I should not have put up the post. Probably should have taken it down.
On the night I think ARD did as good a job as was possible.
On Saturday morning at a press conference the police explained the genesis of the 'three right-wing terrorists'.
I don't think there was any intention of any of the established news sources attempting to distort the truth.
As always, than you for your comment.

Andreas said...

I think there is something that isn't right.
For instance 'Richard Gutjahr' who had been directly at the scene in Nice and videoing with his mobile phone ... appears a few days later in Munich to video the shooter at McDonalds - what a coinsidence!!

This was an exceptionally mad week for Germany:
- Ax train attack on 18.July in Würzburg
- Shopping mall shooting on 22.July in Munich (also panic at Hofbräuhaus)
- Machete attack in Reutlingen on 24.July, pregnent 20yr girl killed
- Suicide bomb attack in Ansbach, 24.July

Somebody tries to achieve something here i would say!

Michael Commane said...

Yes, I have to admit I spotted that with Gutjahr. But he simply could have been in Nice and maybe he lives in Munich. Possible? The world is full of agendas. The world is full of so many oddities.

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