Friday, July 22, 2016

Mary Magdalene

A woman was heard saying this morning in a Dublin church:

"It's the feast of Mary Magdalene. She was the apostle to the apostles and they won't let us do anything".

 It was the stress that she put on the 'they' that made her comment so powerful.

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Deirdre said...

It would be funny if Mary Magdalene were to come back to life now and do a tour of every church on her feast day. Ask that she be allowed read the Gospel (i.e. tell her story) and give some reflections/insight (homily) on same. I wonder how many times she would be told to get lost because she was not a man.
If Jesus trusted a woman to tell this story in the first place why won’t ‘they’ allow women to do likewise today? Make any group that voiceless and it’s hard to avoid a situation of ‘they’ versus ‘us’ arising.

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