Saturday, July 30, 2016

Episcopal appointment

Forty-nine-year-old Tullamore priest Fintan Monahan has been appointed bishop of Killaloe.

How wise is the system of appointing bishops in Ireland?

It's clear the papal nuncio has a significant role in the appointment of Irish bishops.

What will be the long term influence of these current appointments, which are being made by a person who comes from the right-wing of the US Catholic Church?

Papal nuncios are Holy See ambassadors. Is it appropriate that ambassadors should have a significant influence in the internal affairs of the countries in which they are guests? 

The Germans appoint their bishops in a different manner.

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Deirdre said...

Hard to understand. Was the Church's founder not a wonderful social justice activist? Was he not a pacifist fighting for the poor, the oppressed, the stigmatized, the marginalized? Did entry into his Kingdom not depend on sharing everything with the poor? Was he not appauled by conservative religious leaders with their long prayers and fine robes who did nothing to help the oppressed? Was his quest for equality not so challenging to the political system that it felt compelled to crucify him? Did the early Christian community not follow his lead by holding their possessions in common and sharing with anyone in need? Sounds highly left-wing to me. So why on Earth let one right-wing man appoint our leaders today?

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