Friday, July 3, 2015

Saying hello and well done

At 06.15 today a Dublin City Council employee jumped out of his van to empty a rubbish bin in Rathgar. I said good morning and complimented him on the job that he and his colleagues do in keeping the place clean. His face lit up: "That's what we want to hear, thank you." And he said it with a great smile on his face.

When last did a bishop or a provinical simply compliment or even say hello to one of his 'foot soldiers'?

Indeed, they may well 'praise' their cronies and sycophants but communication skills within the institutional Catholic Church simply don't exist.

When last did a bishop or a provinical pick up his phone and say hello to one of his priests? Just to say hello and suggest meeting for a cup of coffee?

It's all worse than shocking.

Next time you are talking to a priest, a 'foot soldier' ask him when last did his bishop or provinical even say hello to him.

It was all so different at 06.15 on a summer morning in Rathgar.

It sure is a funny-old world.

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Póló said...

You clearly should have been made a bishop. And that sort of thing is catching. We could have had the whole Bishops Conference in better nick.

Rath ar an obair.

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