Monday, July 13, 2015

Lord protect and save us from unintelligible 'Collects'

The Opening Prayer or 'Collect', as it is now called in the new Missal, in yesterday's Mass was almost unintelligible.

It's worth counting the number of words in the opening sentence.

How many people at Mass yesterday understood that prayer, no matter how well it was read and prayed?

Can the people who gave the English-speaking Catholic Church the new Missal be held responsible for this disaster?

Is there an Irish bishop who is honest and intelligent enough to stand up and say it is a failure?

Well done to the German bishops for 'postponing' a new translation.

How much did it all cost and who paid for it? Not a word from a bishop or a provincial.


Thomas G McCarthy said...

Michael, there is much that is profoundly disappointing in the current translation.
Two things I would say.
As a general rule, the Concluding Prayer for Sunday in the Breviary is a finer translation and is a good deal more understandable too for those (the majority in many churches) who do not have a printed copy in their hands.
Secondly, can you prepare a good translation of yesterday's prayer that might indicate a way forward?

Michael Commane said...

No. I am not a professional translator. The Catholic Church has far too many incompetent 'experts'. Just look at most church websites and check the disaster they are. Nonsense material poorly messaged. And then think of the vast sums of money thrown at them. Check Dominican websites.

Michael Commane said...

There were 55 words in last Sunday's 'Collect'.

Michael Commane said...

Apologies, in one sentence. And what a silly sentence.

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