Monday, September 26, 2016

Pope Francis nervous about bishops and rigid priests

An article by Robert Mickens on Pope Francis on the appointment of bishops and a warning about men heading for priesthood.

A great read. It's clear this man knows what's going on on the ground.

"The people 'scent' -- the People of God have God's 'scent' -- the people can 'scent' and they withdraw when they recognise narcissists, manipulators, defenders of personal causes and standard bearers of worthless crusades," the pope warned the so-called "baby bishops," who were in Rome for a training seminar.

"Don't allow yourselves to be tempted by numbers and quantity of vocations, but rather look for the quality of discipleship. … And be careful when a seminarian seeks refuge in rigidity -- because underneath this there's always something bad," Pope Francis

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