Sunday, September 18, 2016

CDU lose in Berlin

Early results at 7pm in Berlin.

SPD (22.9 per cent) and CDU (18 per cent) lose seats in Berlin Parliament. The FDP make significant gains ((6.4 per cent) and are back in parliament.

It's the worst result the CDU have ever had in Berlin.

Die Linke (Left Party) increase their vote (16.2 per cent) and the Green Party win (16.7 per cent)

The AdF win over 12 per cent of the vote.

German law requires that a party has to win at least five per cent of the vote to enter parliament.

The SPD will continue to be the largest party and Michael Müller will be the new Mayor of Berlin.

Berlin is a city state, more or less similar to a federal state.

All figures are provisional.

Georg Bätzig is the new bishop of Limburg. He will not be living in the infamous palace. He was not secretly appointed by a papal nuncio. The Germans don't allow such a procedure.

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