Monday, September 26, 2016

An initiative is always new

Why are so many writing and talking about a new initiative?

An initiative is always new. Now we seldom see the noun wihtout the adjective new beside it.

Why has this happened?


Thomas G McCarthy said...

Because adjectives may be used not only for the purpose of description but also to provide added emphasis. Another frequently-heard example occurs when people speaking of making 'a fresh start'.

Michael Commane said...

Not sure about that. You can start something on many occasions. A 'fresh start' implies I failed at something and am going to try again. A 'fresh start' is not a tautology. Someone, who is bad mannered, wants to stop and starts to be good mannered, fails and then starts again. That's a 'fresh start'.
The way a 'new initiative' is being used is seldom if ever to give emphasis.
But it's an interesting point.

gerard moloney said...

I suppose it is like a 'free gift.'

Michael Commane said...

Perfect and so annoying. It always jars. Probably from the world of advertising and business: all the 'free gifts' they lavish on us.

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