Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The defining issues

In the current edition of the Irish Catholic David Quin writes about the controversy happening between US Catholic politicians and the US hierarchy.

On ETWN at the weekend there were two Catholic bishops discussing Catholicism.

How come the deciding issues of whether one is a member of the church or not always seems to come down to issues concerning sexuality.

The usual suspects, gay marriage, abortion, etc are always and ever the issues that we are told are the defining issues as to whether or not we are catholic.

Has anyone ever heard of a bishop saying that tax fraud barred one from being a catholic? Has ever a bishop clearly and unambiguously spoken so strongly against the evil of poverty - one in six of the world's population are starving?

Living life is flux.

Is it not ironical that a hierarchical church that speaks so much on issues of sexuality has shown itself to be at such a loss when it comes to the practical every day living of a person's sexual life.

If bishops are so emphatic and certain about the 'thinking' of God on certain matters pertaining to sexuality how did they get it so wrong when it came to the present shambolic situation.

They keep saying that they did not know and that they depended on professional advice. Something odd here.

Also, is there not something unusual about bishops going on and on in such solemn tones on matters of sexuality while they adorn themselves with chains, crosses, rings and long frocks?

Is one ever struck by the visual appearance of so many bishops?

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